Enrollment in the Innstreet Booking Program does not constitute a legally binding contract. Neither party is obligated to the other. Enrollment does not guarantee bookings. Neither does receiving bookings obligate payment for those bookings.

The Innstreet fee for service is $5.00 per booking. Bookings with more than one room will count as one booking per room. Failure of the enrolled property to pay for bookings delivered by Innstreet may result in the termination of service by Innstreet. Innstreet reserves the right to terminate service without notice for non payment. Properties can discontinue service at any time for any reason, and all bookings from Innstreet will cease immediately upon discontinuation.

Properties are never billed for cancelled reservations. In order for a booking to be considered validly cancelled the guest or Innstreet must cancel the booking online. Alternately, the property can cancel a booking on behalf of a guest by contacting Innstreet directly. Disputes over cancelled bookings will always be settled in favor of the property. No shows will be billed as a booking if not cancelled by the property within 5 days of arrival date. Any disputes over no show billing will be resolved in favor of the property. Excessive unexplained cancellations may result in termination of future bookings by Innstreet.

Enrolled properties will be invoiced monthly, and payment is due upon invoice. Credits will be issued on subsequent billings. Payment must be made by electronic means, debit, credit or electronic bill pay, Pay Pal is also accepted. Payment can be made by check, but a $25 processing fee will apply.

Enrollment in the Innstreet Booking Program constitutes permission for Innstreet to market you property for the purpose of generating bookings. Innstreet may use electronic or print advertising, and direct sales for this purpose. Innstreet bears all legal and financial responsibility for marketing and advertising on behalf of enrolled properties.